So much stuff!

Yesterday was just plain crazy! It was senior day, for one, so that means all of our favorite customers from the over 60 set were scouring the shelves for half-price finds. Students are moving in and moving out--simultaneously donating last year's goods by our back door and testing out sofas and overstuffed chairs in our [...]

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Love thy neighbor!

It is our mission at Brand Spanking Used to be a blessing to our community and we can’t do it without your help. You may walk into our store and wonder where in the world did they get all this amazing stuff!?! From YOU! That’s where! We buy a few new things to keep the [...]

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Repaint, Repurpose, Rejoice!

Summer is the perfect time for a project! And the thrift store is the perfect place to get started. Find an old table, chair or dresser that needs a little TLC, choose your favorite shade of CeCe Caldwell’s paint and you’ve got yourself a fun Saturday morning! CeCe Caldwell’s paint is an all-natural chalk and [...]

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