Yesterday was just plain crazy! It was senior day, for one, so that means all of our favorite customers from the over 60 set were scouring the shelves for half-price finds. Students are moving in and moving out–simultaneously donating last year’s goods by our back door and testing out sofas and overstuffed chairs in our basement for this year’s digs.  Lots of tourists wander in to see how our thrift store compares to their local resale shops and then wander out with some souvenirs and a little something that caught their eye.  Our staff was busy putting out new (used) merchandise, picking up after the bustling shoppers and emptying the dressing room.  We were fixing furniture, polishing silver and sorting through boxes of books.  Ollie (our store dog) was happily greeting the four-legged shoppers.  In the middle of it all, a new floor was being installed and our windows were being cleaned! My head was spinning just watching the whole scene.  The store has never looked better or been fuller of fabulous finds! Come in and be a part of the circus!